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MM Strategies Launches Prep App+


New App Offers Real-time Access to Bankrupt Asbestos Product Information

July 23, 2020


Prep App+ launched earlier this spring and is giving lawyers access to photographs of asbestos containing products for use at a deposition and throughout discovery.  Instead of costly copying of pictures and cumbersome boxes to carry to depositions, lawyers now have thousands of product pictures available at their fingertips. 


MM Strategies, LLC, a litigation technology company focused on bringing cost-efficient tools to litigators, launched its newest strategic tool this spring.  The timely launch has provided much needed access to electronic files with the expansion of virtual depositions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The concept of Prep App+ is simple. Digital pictures of products related to companies who are no longer viable in asbestos litigation are available on a virtual platform via an iPad®.  An attorney can simply search for a product name, manufacturer name or product type in real-time during the deposition.  A deponent may mention a type of product such as tile or insulation, and Prep App+ displays pictures of products for the deponent to review and identify.  The relevant products can be selected as they are identified and provided via email to all interested parties, including the court reporter. 


The monetary value of an asbestos case is often determined by the information elicited from the plaintiff about his or her exposures during a deposition.  The more exposures and more products that a deponent can recall, the more accurate the exposure picture for the case. 


Companies who are defendants in asbestos litigation appreciate the access to information as well as the cost-savings.  Pictures are no longer printed, cataloged, and manually searched.  Thumbing through paper files during a deposition is tedious and time-consuming.  With Prep App+, the pictures you need are now at your fingertips.


Prep App+ is available in the App Store (available for iPad® using OS versions 12.8 or later) or visit for a preview and access information. 

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