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Prep App+ is simple – digital pictures of asbestos products from companies no longer in the litigation available on your iPad allowing you to search for manufacturers, brand names and product types. 


Prep App+ displays pictures of products to review and identify.  You simply select the picture that is relevant and then email the results to yourself, co-counsel or the court reporter.  


Prep App+ offers enormous cost-savings for parties in the litigation.  Pictures are no longer printed, organized and manually searched.  Use it to research products or at the deposition to search information.

Thousands of pictures of products made by companies, who are no longer viable in asbestos litigation, are at your fingertips with Prep App+ .

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Subscription Cost


Individual – 1 year subscription               $49.99/month

Firm (1-10 users) – 1 year subscription      $289.99/month

Firm (1-10 users) – 2 year subscription      $249.99/month

Firm Enterprise License (unlimited users) – 1 year subscription   $450/month

*** 2021 Preferred Defense Counsel Rate***

available to defense counsel through 05-15-2021

Individual                    $9.99/month

Firm (1-10 users)             $49.99/month



All charges are paid in full at time of subscription for the entire service agreement.  Two-year subscriptions may be paid in two installments – first installment due at subscription and second installment due in the month prior to the start of the second year of subscription. Training will be offered for each account.

Download on the app store button.png
More Information
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